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The unexpected resignation of Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago puts its politicians in a bind: who will keep the racket moving?

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When Mayor Richard M. Daley will step down from office in 2011, it will mark the first time since 1989 and the second time since 1955 that a Daley will not be leading Chicago. The aristocracy forged between father and son in the family business has left Chicago-natives with an unpleasant aftertaste after their colorful tenures. The election will prove to be a change-of-pace for its citizens, but it is doubtful that the results will differ.

Despite Daley’s long terms of office, corruption has failed to avoid his every movements. One only needs to look as far back as 2004 with the Hired Truck Scandal. Needing to cut costs, the city decided to hire private companies to do city work, but it soon became all too real that the involved companies were doing nothing for the funds they were receiving. Investigators also found mob connections, and truckers who wanted in on the scheme were not unknown to bribe their employers. The companies also had strong voting ties to the state and city government.

The funny thing about Chicago politicians: they know that everyone knows, but no one has taken enough actions to stop it, so they keep spinning the wheel. John Kass of The Chicago Tribune writes on the inside front cover of the paper with a new discovery on why the Chicago system is worse than the federal, and really, nothing is done.

But what can the populace do to fight the system that controls its own system?

One would think that with the rush of new candidates, change would be relatively simple, but this is not the case. There is no political candidate who is oblivious to the nature of Chicago politics.

This problem has just been there. Gangster involvment in Chicago and Illinois government has been roaring since the Prohibition, where all three went to bed together with illicit alcohol. Rooting out the mob in Chicago is just as difficult a feat as eliminating Al Qaeda entirely.

But, steps can be made. The FBI needs to take more drastic action in monitoring political actions that politicians in the region make. The Fed must start cracking down on any suspicious activity and bring forth every criminal action.

For once, the Media could be a beneficial ally. Getting the populace angry has always been its forte, and the US government can use it to force the Machine into the spotlight, moreso than ever before. Eventually, fed up citizens will destroy the Machine, cog by cog, until corruption is at a tolerable level.

Every politician bred in the Chicago school of corruption will need to be ousted before the damage is too great. From Daley to Emanuel to Obama, the integrity of the city must be put in the forefront to the foolish greed that resides at center right now.