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He claims he was seduced by the cow.

A young Indonesian man was forced to marry a cow he was found having sex with in a rice field recently. The young man was found completely naked and deeply subsumed in a sexual ecstasy with the cow. He was arrested but his confessions were completely shocking. He told police that he was passing by the field when he caught sight of an extremely beautiful cow. The cow was quite inviting and he noted that the cow had fallen in love with him.

 When he approached the animal, its brown eyes were simmering with love and the “man” in him could not resist the persistent body language of the cow, inviting him to make love with her. Even as he made love, he felt the kind of joy that no woman had ever given him.

 Bestiality in the Indonesian culture is a serious taboo that usually demands that some cleansing rituals be done to appease the gods whenever anybody is found in a sexually compromising position with an animal. In the case of this young Indonesian man, he was forced to marry the cow in a public ceremony.

 The Idea of marrying a cow did not bother the man at all, in fact, he made the occasion of his wedding to this cow, a very significant day in his life. Reports say, he was found making a beautiful painting of his darling cow which he baptized “Brittney” saying, the cow was only comparable to celebrity Brittney in beauty.

 This is not the first time am hearing about a marriage between man and animal in Asia. Sometime back, I was completely bewildered to read about an Indian man who was made to marry a dog in a public ceremony. He had no qualms about the unusual wedding, because they were paraded on the streets in great fanfare.  This trend is worrying because we seem to be crossing over to the animal world at the expense of our normal relationships with women. Does this have anything to do with a mental condition?