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A weird kind of stealing!

The police in Texas, Seabrook, was faced to a weird kind of stealing, the 26-year old Phillip Beach tryed to steal a big boat of 12 ton, 14 meter long “Flying Pearl”when he was swimming, so he putted a rope on his and at the boat and wanted to swim with it to the deep water. The police needed a hour to get the man out of the water and arrest him, the cost of the “Flying Pearl” is around the 95.000 euro! Worth trying i guess?

A year ago, there was this kind of stealing to in Belgium, They putted a robe on his car ( a jeep ) and at the other side of the lake there was a car ( a jeep ) to, they attached both, and wanted to drive the boat away, but what they did not know that the owner lived in the boat, so he called the police, shutted down the road to further steal the boat, but meantime, there was a third gang-member who was hidden in the supplie-room of the boat and whithout contact with his other gang members, he gets on the wheel to drive the boat away, but he didn’t know the owner was on the boat, so the owner taked out of gun and so he gived up and the 3 gang members were arrested for “attemp to steal” in the newspaper they said: It was the worth.!