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Angelina Jolie’s frank admission that she decided on surgery to remove the breast at the time shocked the whole world. Talking about his surgery, the actress thanked her civil Brad Pitt for his support and love. But he answered Angie called "a real hero." Yesterday, however, Pitt shared one more detail: he believes the act Jolie … very sexy!


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The last days of Brad flying all over the world, presenting his new film “War of the Worlds Z». From London and Berlin, the actor went on a sunny Sydney. At the press conference, which gave Pitt at the premiere of the picture, the journalists could not avoid the topic in conversation recent surgery of his lover Angelina Jolie. The actor commented as follows: 
- It is a heroic act, and yet … it’s damn sexy! - Unexpectedly confessed Pitt. 
Actor reiterated that the difficult days that they had endured during surgery Angelina, his family is very united. 
- I believe that such an act Angelina takes the example of perseverance and courage to other women. When you are faced with such problems in life, the most important thing – to get all the information and on the basis of this decision, which would be best for you and your family. I do not believe that the more we do not need to worry – Brad said. 

The actor also noted that they had to put a lot of effort to gently tell the kids what kind of lift for their mother. According to him, he was deeply happy that the operation of his wife behind. True, the artist did not mention that in front of Jolie waiting for another execution – to remove the ovaries. 
- I can not imagine our family without a mother – he said. - I’m scared at the thought of what would have to explain to the children that their mother died of cancer. It’s a real nightmare. Now I feel a great relief. “ 
Also in this interview, Brad said his eldest son, 12-year-old Max, is also involved in the “War of the Worlds Z”: 
- Max plays one of the zombies that shoot in the head – with a laugh said Brad . - What am I still a good father!