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In India a village has built a temple for Motor Bike and people are worshiping the deity.

Yes – it is amazing and bizarre but true.  You must have heard that in Hindu Mythology there are many Gods one can worship. In India there are temples for Elephants (in the form of Lord Ganesh) and even rats. But believe it – people have established a Royal Enfield Bullet Motorbike as the deity and worship it – for saving them from any accidents and misfortunes.

Superstitions are there in all religion and all countries, with no exceptions to scientifically advanced countries like America. What makes people worship this totally unfamiliar “God” is an interesting story.

There is a village – Chottila – on the National Highway No.65 – between Jothpur and Bali in Rajasthan, India. It is here the “Bullet Baba Temple” is established.  Some 20 years back, one Ombana alias Om Singh Rathore, the son of the village leader, was travelling in his Royal Enfield Bullet bike on this highway.

Just where the temple is situated now, there was a big pit and a tree and Om Singh died in a road accident – crashing on the tree and falling into that pit. It was just another bad accident for the people of that village, but what were happening after that made them froze in terror.

Police visited the accident spot, enquired about it and took the bike to the Police Station. A police constable in that station says “the bike which was seized and put inside the station-compound was missing the next day and was found at the accident spot. We thought somebody is playing a mischief and took back the bike to the station.

We emptied the petrol tank and bound the bike with iron-chains, but again the bike was found missing and when searched, it was standing at the accident spot. That’s all .. all of us were frightened like anything”

These events were enough for the villagers to go crazy with fear. They built a temple at the accident spot, put the bike there and started garlanding it to do poojas. Drivers passing that spot have become devotees. One of the drivers met with accident in the same spot and said the “dead” Rathore came and helped him to get up and rescued him.

This news spread like wild fire and from then on “Bullet Baba” has become a popular deity in the area with Poojas, Bhajans and worships by every one.