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Reports of a half rabbit, half human found in India.

Reports of a half rabbit, half human found in India have the news outlets in India going crazy.  The news has sent shockwaves making people wondering if we truely know all there is about life.  An indian woman gave birth to a baby that was half human, half rabbit, and doctors are trying to figure out how that happened.  The woman claimed no beastiality was involved, which has left doctors even more confused.  How could two completely different creates come together in one baby?

The human baby has rabbit paws for his hands and feet.  The human baby is also growing whiskers and his ears a little longer than usual.  But his ears still look human.

A witness of the birth commented, “You don’t see a birth like this every day.  We’ve been bringing lots of jars of baby carrot foot for the young human.  Hopefully when the baby gets older, he will have a nice healthy fluffy tail.”

Another witness seemed more negative about the birth. “I feel bad for the baby.  Every day this baby is going to have to live life not looking like the other human children.  It’s going to be a very difficult life for this baby.  Maybe it would have been better if the baby was aborted.

Do you agree? If you gave birth to a half human, half rabbit, what would you do?  Do you think the baby should have been aborted?  Obviously the woman didn’t know she was going to give birth to such a child.