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This article will teach you a few ways which through which you can get free SMS news updates on your mobile.

What is the need to get SMS news updates?

All of us like to get things which do not cost us anything and the same would go if some one is giving you free news alerts on your mobile phone in the form of a sms. What if you are on a holiday trip where you don’t have the access to your favourite sports channel and you want to know the scores? In that case the best option for you will be to get the score information in the form of SMS but that costs some amount of money. So it will be very good if a person can get those news updates for free.

Ways to get free sms news updates:

As we all know that CNN is a very famous news channel and it is present internationally in many countries. But only a few of us know that it also provides free SMS news alerts. If you want to get the free news alerts from CNN then you can go to their website at and then subscribe to the news alerts for a trial period of 3 months. If you want to get the news alerts after 3 months then you can pay them for sending the alerts.

Now the website is fairly old and it has got over a million members. In this website you need to subscribe to various groups after creating an account on this website. I am not very sure if this website accepts international members or not but it is basically meant for Indian members. You can get as many SMS’s as you want from this website by subscribing and unsubcribing to a group or a particular topic.

Only a few of us know the real potential of the services which google offers us. Google has got an sms channel in which a person can get SMS alerts by subscribing to a channel. It is different in different countries and a person can get as many alerts as he wants depending on the number of channels he or she has subscribed for.

If you are a yahoo user and if you have got a yahoo e-mail then it is very easy for you to get free mobile alerts.  If you don’t have a yahoo e-mail then you will need to create one and after creating it you will need to edit all your information and subscribe for all those channels and register your mobile number with yahoo to get free sms alerts from them.

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