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James Bartholomew Huskey has abused this little nine year old girl since she was 5. When asked why she didn’t tell someone, She said, “I didn’t want to get him in trouble”.

The married son of a Trion, Georgia preacher who was tennis coach to teenage girls, until last week was denied bond in federal court Monday. The accused child rapist, James Bartholomew Huskey, 38, was arrested in his Lafayette, Georgia home on June, 18 and readily admitted to molesting the nine year old girl since she was five years old and even said he has sodomized her that very day.

FBI agents had been alerted by Australian law enforcement officials that several members of international child pornography ring lived in the United States. Agents found clues in the videos background that took them to a hotel in Carrollton, Georgia, where they matched bedspreads with one seen on a video made on July 21, 2007. Agents also found evidence that matched the interior of a car in a video with one registered to his wife, Sherri Ann Huskey. She was not charged.

Yoder, who took part in the two year investigation, said the videos,”The Tara Series,” were sexually violent videos released on the Internet in which the same girl was repeatedly raped and physically abused for years. The girl has been taken into custody. Her identity and relationship to the accused were not disclosed. When asked why she had not turned Huskey in, “she said she did not want to get him in trouble.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Francy Hakes called the crime “as heinous as any that has ever been thought of in the minds of predators like him.”

This case is so horrific it makes the case against Ray Marsh who owned and ran The Tri-State Crematory pale in comparison. I feel so much sorrow for this little girl who has lost her childhood and most likely will never have a normal life. I cannot comprehend such monsters as Huskey, and the problem is they are every where our children congregate. They apply and get positions as coaches and teachers to our children and we never know until something as horrible as this happens. Many children such as this little girl never tell. There must be something we can do to smoke these monsters out, but I am at a loss.