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An Ice Cream store in Florida has made a terrible mistake with a mascot designed to improve business.

An Ice-Cream Parlour in Ocala, Florida has had to make drastic steps in order to avoid public outrage.

Like many business the fledgling business decided to adopt a mascot. The mascot would take to the streets to draw customers to the store, and direct passing traffic.

Ice Cream Family Corner decided on a mascot that was quite simply, someone dressed as a giant ice-cream. But tempers soon flared after people started noting that the mascot looked like something very different.

No sooner had the mascot taken to the streets than sales started to fall, but it was not until the owners took to Facebook than they realized their mistake. While up close, the mascot looked exactly as it should, but from a difference however things looked very different. From more than 5 metres away the outfit looked incredibly like a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

Ice Cream Family Corner have since withdrawn the mascot, and sales have gradually improved.