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Across Los Angeles August and September has bore witness to more cases of public indecent exposure than ever in a 30 day period.

On Friday Ruban Rodriguez (22) was sentenced to 18 months in prison for exposing himself to schoolgirls near Buena Park and Fullerton (LA) schools on a number of different occasions. In the case, Rodriguez took a plea bargain, and received lesser attention on a further 18 accounts.

It’s been a strange 30 days in Los Angeles because in separate incidents a twenty-year-old man called John Rodriguez is being prosecuted for exposing himself to at least 5 young girls between 12-17 in and around Valley High School.

Meanwhile Angely George (23) has been hanging around in shopping centres in Murietta after exposing himself to women, and masturbating on at least three different occasions. On one occasion he even managed to ejaculate in the direction of one woman.

These three high profile cases are just a small cross section of 137 cases and indecent exposure reported to Los Angeles police departments over the course of August and September.

A local official from Fullerton stated that flashers while fairly frequent in occurrence, only generally pop up a few times a year, and that the recent surge of flashers and public masturbators is incredibly concerning.

Now slightly more unusually reports of a woman in and around Venice Beach, exposing herself in broad daylight and masturbating with a sex toy, have been coming in to the local police department. The woman is said to be of Hispanic origin, with orange/red hair, although witnesses are saying they have received fairly conclusive proof that she is normally a brunette.