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TMZ ,An American celebrity news show reported that ,Teddy Riley,a life long friend of Michael who is the producer of "Dangerous " and Akon believes that Michael Jackson is alive.

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Teddy Riley, music producer who worked with Michael Jackson till his end, tweeted that Michael Jackson is alive just like Elvis. A fan commented that, Akon too, believes the same. Riley said to the fan, ”Akon is my friend and we think alike”.

Simon Rothstein and Nadia Brooks of” The sun” [a British daily] newspaper had written about the conspiracy theories shadowing Michael’s death.

The number of people who claims to have seen Michael is increasing day by day. A famous website suggests that he had been planning this for a year and a half and is now hiding in the Eastern Europe. The most famous website that provides Michael’s conspiracy theory is


A famous story provided by this website is that, the one who is dead is a double of Michael and his family will be taken care of. Many people have posted pictures of Michael, stating that, these were taken after his death. Some say that Michael couldn’t handle the pressure of fame and that is why he pulled a stunt like this

Why should Michael pull a stunt like this when he was going to make a release?

Is Michael really dead? Are all these conspiracy theories made up, by his fans? That is a question that is indeed to be answered.