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Woman gets injured when man puts sex toy over a saber saw.

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A 27 year old woman in Lexington Park Maryland was seriously injured in an accident involving a sex toy. This genius of a man decided to take a saber saw ,  put a plastic sex toy over it, and use it on his partner. The saw then cuts through the plastic and into her holiest of holes, severely injuring her. Imagine that?

Now for those of you who dont know what a saber saw is, also known as a Jigsaw, its a small hand tool, electronically powered, that holds a small blade. When turned on the blade goes back and forth in a sawing motion, cutting everything in its path. Typically retails at your Home Depot for around 59.99-199.99. Children under 12 should not use this without adult supervision.

The 911 call was placed on March 7 at around 1:30 am. The victim was flown to Prince George’s hospital in Maryland. Thanks to the helicopter of the state police. The police did not investigate the accident, they concluded it was a consensual act, and no one was arrested. However, be assured she wont be letting him near her happy place anytime soon, or asking him to fix anything ever again.

The price of plastic sex toy 19.95. The price of a Jigsaw 199.99. The look on you and your womans face when you cut through the plastic and into her flesh? I dont know, but with the cost of health insurance so high. Im sure it isnt cheap.