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These are some of the most outrageous and over the top tabloid headlines seen over the past few years. Most of these while really bizarre are at least very funny.

With scandal or tabloid newspapers such as Weekly World News, The Sun and The Star being seen on every grocery store, convenience store or bookstore magazine rack, it is no wonder that these newspapers regularly try to find or even make up the most outrageous and bizarre headlines or news stories to grab your attention.  Unless you are completely nuts, the vast majority (possibly all of them) of these stories are faked and should be thought of as such.  They do one thing nicely though and that is to bring a laugh because some of the these headlines are downright funny.  Below are a list of the some of the best headlines which brought a laugh to me over the past several years:

Dog Gives Birth To Kittens!

Da Vinci’s Robot Comes to Life After 500 Years

Girl Scalped by Berserk Tortilla-Making Machine

I Found Jesus Under My Wallpaper Taking a Piss!

Hotcakes No Longer Selling Well But Nudie Bar Attendance On the Rise.

Fountain of Youth Found In NYC Subway Toilet

Elvis Is Dead, Alive, Dead, Alive and Alive Again.

Nudist Welfare Man’s Model Wife Fell For Chinese Hypnotist From the Co-op Bacon Factory

Aliens Passing Gas are the Cause of the Hole in the Ozone Layer!

Key to Happiness … Your Granny’s Armpits!

Oatmeal Plant Blows Up:  Omaha Buried in Icky Goo

Most UFO’s Look Like Regular Planes Study Suggests

I Thought My Wife Was Cheating With Kevin Costner, but I Found Her With Prince Andrew!

Hubby Sues Ex-Wife:  Give Me Back My Kidney Now!

Man Marries Pet Goldfish and Takes It to Baltimore Aquarium For Honeymoon.

Divorced Couple In Court Battle For Custody of Pet Cockroach

Elvis’s Nose Booger Auctioned For $50,000 Online

Woman Wills Her Estate Valued at 10 Million dollars to the Insects in Her Yard!

Police in Search For Cross Dressing Clown in a Priests Attire and Driving a School Bus

Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Planning a Comeback Tour When They are Found Alive.