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A man is given the wedgie of his life, although he never wanted to be saved.

We all know what its like to lose the love of your life, for some it really is the end. And on the top floor of an LA multi-purpose block, a man so upset about his break up with “the love of his life” decided he simply could not live without her.

As police and others rushed to the railing to help the suicidal man, he obviously decided to take the leap, but was grabbed by a security guard, before a police officer grabbed the back of his underwear giving the suicidal man the ultimate life saving wedgie.  Having been wrestled with for several minutes they eventually pulled the man up by his underpants (just before they completely ripped).  Handcuffing him to a railing they eventually managed to get the man off the edge of the building.

During the incident the screaming man (who may have been screaming due to the pain of the wedgie), bit a police officer.

It is not yet known if the man has been reconciled with his true love.