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This is in response to my previous article, the Real Freedom of Speech. The entire nation of the United States is brainwashed to believe something that is not even constitutional.

Recently I published an article titled, The Real Freedom of Speech, and within that article I described how some religious teaching is allowable in the American Public School System, and some is not. As I had suspected, this article has already received some critique regarding the so-called “separation of church and state”. In this article I would like to clarify about the legitimacy of that argument.

The truth is, the words, SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE do not even occur in the United States constitution. If you do not believe me, then read it for yourself. The constitution is a document that is readily available for citizen perusal. The words that we are all so familiar with, actually do appear in one single historic document, but not in the country’s constitution.

The document in question was a simple, ordinary letter written by Mr. Thomas Jefferson, to a Baptist church. In this letter, Mr. Jefferson stated that he thinks there should be a “wall of separation between church and state” in order to protect the churches themselves from Governmental Overlording. He was trying to protect the country’s various churches from being controlled by the state, not the other way around. America has always enjoyed a fair deal of freedom regarding how and when and whom to worship, but if the Government took over, that freedom would be gone. This was Mr. Jefferson’s sole concern.

He had no concerns about keeping religion out of the schools, nor out of the public square, but he did worry about the public square and the school systems governing how people should or should not worship the God of their choice. As we all know, his fears were well founded, for now we have mis-construed his words to the point where we can no longer build Christian monuments in public, or pray in school. Muslim prayer is still allowed, but Christian prayer and Jewish prayer is not.

This being the documented case, it is actually unconstitutional to believe in a “Separation of church and state” considering that those words are not even printed in the US constitution. So the next time your teacher tells you that you can’t bring a Bible to school you can legitimately inform him or her that he or she is denying you your constitutional rights to practice your faith as you choose. If that teacher still believes you are wrong, simply go to your public library, check out the document and share it with the teacher, the entire student body and the powers that be on the school board. I guarantee you they will not have a leg to stand on under those circumstances.

If your public library does not carry a copy of the US Constitution, then there are other sources, the Library of Congress, for one, which can be accessed online, and there are other online sources as well. It is in all of our best interests, as citizens of the United States of America, to know this document inside and out so we can know our rights as they are written. I had to study the U.S. Constitution in High School, which means that I have read the whole thing from cover to cover. I guarantee you, the wall of separation between church and state is not a part of that document.

I am not the first to present this case to the world at large and I will not be the last, which means that some of us are becoming better informed as to our religious rights and freedoms. These rights and freedoms are slowly being denied us in greater and greater extremes all the time and we sit back and let it happen, doing absolutely nothing to stop it. It’s a snowball effect, usually started by a single Atheist who believes all of us should believe his or her way, and then it escalates on a dramatic level, to cover the whole country like a misinformed blanket.

It seems that the power of misinformation is stronger than the power of information, since everyone in the United States has been successfully brainwashed into believing that the separation nonsense is actually constitutional. Don’t take one person’s word for it. Do the research yourself. Don’t take the Atheist’s word and don’t take my word. Look it up, that’s what the Constitution is for.