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A three-year-old girl was molested by a twenty-five-year-old man after her bikini erotically stimulated him.

This is Anthony J. Asbell (25) who while on holiday with his girlfriend and a couple of friends (who had children) molested a three-year-old girl.

The group were camping on the banks of Snake River, and during the course of one of the afternoons he took the girl into the water for a swim, during the process Asbell has confessed to putting his fingers into the gusset area of the girls bikini, probing her genitals sharply with his fingers causing her to scream out.

The child’s parent, were aware of the incident, but Asbell never told them exactly how the girl was hurt. It was not until the parents took the child home, and found marks around the girls vagina. In a phone call Asbell told the parents that he “accidently touched her” and it was not intentional. However it was later discovered that in a slip of the tongue, Asbell admitted to being aroused by the girl because she was in a bikini. Asbell claimed he did not understand what was going through his head, other than he found himself erotically stimulated by the young girl.

Asbell was charged with sexual battery charges, but initially denied the charges when he was arrested by Canyon County police department after the phone call with the girls parents. However faced with some horrendous looking jail time, Asbell has claimed that he believes he is sick, and has been placed on remand while he undergoes a psychosexual evaluation.

Asbell will be sentenced on October 28th, after the results of the evaluation come in. If he is found guilty of the offence having a sane mind, he could face up to four years in prison, however if he is found to indeed be sick, he could simply face six months in a hospital, where he will be continuously assessed.