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Suspect injected a patient’s rear with Fix a flat and super glue in an illegal cosmetic surgery procedure.

 Miami Gardens,  Florida police are stunned by this one.

 After a woman became sick and had to be hospitalized due to  a serious medical condition as the result of these injections, Police were notified and they arrested Oneal Ron Morris, 30 a transgendered person for practicing medicine without a license. It also appears that Morris, who is Physically a man but dresses as a woman and claims to be a transgender, also had butt enhancement injections himself.


Oneal Ron Morris

According to police, the victim saw Morris in May of 2011 and was injected in her buttocks with a substance containing cement, “Fix a Flat,” mineral oil and super glue.  The amateur incision was then sealed with super glue.

Morris is being held on $7,500 bond. It is not apparent whether Mr. Morris has obtained services of an attorney or not at this time.