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Unbeknownst to most Americans their Wall Street financial quarter is occupied by peaceful protesters. The protesters are offering support to the 44th President of the United States of America. Now all Barack Hussein Obama has to do is tap into the power of the protesters.

Tea Party Traitors

The Tea Party traitors have done all in their power to oppose the democratically elected government of the United States of America. They have been assisted in their treachery by the bankers who have received a bail out themselves but are doing all in their power to cling to the taxpayers money they have taken receipt of. Between them the Tea Party and the bankers have worked in front of and behind the scenes to ensure that the people of America pay for their greed and their mistakes. if the OccupyWallStreet protesters get their way though this situation will change.

Bankers Bail Out | American People Sold Out

How did it happen? How did America get into the state it is in? It was all down to the inhumane greed of bankers and their type. They have made more money than they will ever need. Their greed has no conscience. 

Greedy Banker in 2007: Oh look what we can do to make huge commissions! Give everybody who applies for one a mortgage! Get them to sign on the line!

Greedy Apostle: But what happens if someone cannot keep up with mortgage payments?

Greedy banker in 2007: Not really our problem, but, since you ask, they’ll become homeless, as will their children and elderly parents they might be looking after – but that’s of no concern to us. We are not social workers we are bankers.

Greedy Apostle: Oh. But I wasn’t talking about them. I meant, what happens to the commissions we will make as soon as we get them to sign on the dotted line? Won’t we have to give it back?

Greedy Banker 2007: Don’t be ridiculous, this is America! I’ve been doing this since 2003 and nobody has noticed. I mean, who is going to listen to homeless people? They’ve only got themsleves to blame.

Greedy Apostle: Point taken but if most of the mortgages turn poisonous won’t we be burnt?

Greedy Banker 2007: Don’t be foolish, like I say, this is America where the 1% are protected by our pretend democracy. Anyway, we have started to sell the mortgages on to investors who don’t know what we’ve been up to but, even if we didn’t do this, the government can’t allow us to fail. All we have to suggest (not threaten like a vulgar thug) is that there will be no money in the cash machines… and the government will do exactly what we want them to.

Greedy Apostle: But what if they don’t?

Greedy Banker 2007: Look, it is going to be sometime until they cotton on, they are far too busy fighting wars on two fronts and skimming off huge fortunes for their friends. Soon they’ll be a swing to the left and the USA will kick out our friend George W Bush and replace him. We can blame all the ills on the left and keep our money – you’ll see.

Pay the Bankers More | Make the People Poor

So why didn’t President Barack Hussein Obama set about taking the ill-gotten bankers wealth from them and putting it into schemes to redistribute wealth? Why has he not put up taxes on the wealthy? Why have services been cut and wages kept low? Why have jobs disappeared? 

The OccupyWallStreet Protesters know the answer to these questions just as the readers of this article know. The greedy bankers who are again making huge bonuses are clinging onto their money as if their lives depend upon it. The greedy bankers are acting behind the scenes to threaten Obama about what they’ll do if he moves against them. Meanwhile their greedy grasping treacherous political accomplices in the Tea Party – who will have supported making war and spending $trillions on them and the bankers bail out – are ensuring that the people are squeezed to pay for the original bankers’ mistakes, the wars and keeping the taxes of the rich down.

Peaceful Protest and Withdrawal of Labor

Obama and his democratically elected administration has had his hands tied. The Occupy Wall Street protesters – if they keep on, increase and spread – will loosen the ties around Obama’s hands. He must move against the 1% who own 50% of American profit. They need to be taxed immediately and the banks need to pay back every cent of their bail outs now.

Protests So Far So Bad but Obama is Yet to Act

As long as the protesters remain peaceful their numbers will grow and their actions will spread to other parts of America. By harnessing the power of the protesters Obama will have more strength to deal with the bankers, the tea Party and their few supporters in the NYPD. The latter are easy to spot in the video footage here:

Wake Up America

Most Americans are still unaware of the protest in Wall Street. Their media is keeping it as quiet as possible. Imagine the difference of the Tea Party were demonstrating – spread the word…