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A Canterbury woman has pleaded guilty to a string of charges after police found illicit images of her having sex with a dog, and a child.

When Canterbury (UK) police raided the home of Gary Underhill (35), they were expecting to find images of child pornography, after receiving a tip off and tracking the man’s Internet activity. What they found however led them to the home of 45-year-old Tracy Woolbridge after finding images of her on Underhill’s computer having sex with a dog.

Having turned up at the home of Woolbridge in Down Road, Canterbury to quiz her over dog sex allegations, they searched her home to find that she not only had been having sex with a dog, but children as well.

Woolbridge appeared in court last week, initially denying the charges of child sex, but admitting to two accounts of sex with a dog. Woolbridge was warned that she would face a likely 16 months in prison on bestiality charges. But prior to the court hearing ending, Woolbridge suddenly changed her plea, and now admitted to charges of having sex with children.

Gary Underhill is also facing charges for having illicit charges.

The court adjourned while the probation service prepares pre-sentencing reports.