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This could be a new sporting phenomena, or a case of cruelty. Make up your own mind.

Little Nicolasa, a four month old, tortoiseshell kitten from Lima in Peru is the latest sporting phenomena according to world news stations. She is a “surfing cat”.

She started to get into water by herself and take a cooling swim’, said her owner and fellow surfer, Domingo Pianezzi, “so I took her down to the beach.” She jumped onto his surf board and seemed love being in the sea.

Nicholasa seems to hang on really tight and Domingo believes that she is enjoying it, but this picture could be interpreted in a different way. Maybe she is terrified and clinging on in fear in case she falls into the water.

In this second picture the poor little creature looks terrified.

This story has hit the news all around the world, after all, cats are supposed to hate water. The whole thing looks like a publicity stunt, judging by the look of this kitten in the second picture. Perhaps she hangs on to the surfboard, not because she enjoys it, but because she is terrified.