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News of some activities that were done by Miss Universe 2008 in Indonesia.

On 14 July 2008, Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela, was crowned as Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. Indonesia is the first country that must be visited by Miss Universe 2008. Before visiting Indonesia, Mendoza learnt about this country in Indonesian General Consulate in New York. In that meeting in New York, some models demonstrated Indonesian “Batik”. Batik is fabric with patterned printing. This fine cloth once worn exclusively by Javanese nobility. Java is the most crowded island in Indonesia and Javanese is the largest ethnic lives there. The batik process is an intricate, classical art form that has had a long and important role in Javanese tradition. There are scores of different motifs, each of which has a special meaning, often symbolic, and are used only for certain formal occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, funerals or anniversaries. The models also wore silver jewelleries. Mendoza admired the “batik” and jewelleries and she said that cloth was very good. Mendoza then watched some short films about Indonesia. In that occasion Miss Universe who speaks fluently in English, Spanish, and Italian said that she is learning Russian language. She also said that she had considered to learn Indonesian language.

And Mendoza arrived in Indonesia in August 2008. Mendoza said she was happy to visit the country, the biggest archipelago state in the world, and met the president of the republic. In Jakarta, the republic capital, she visited “Taman Sari” Royal Heritage Spa (THRS), located on Wahid Hasyim Street, Central Jakarta on 14 August 2008. She enjoyed spa facility which she said more cheaper that the same facility in her country Venezuela. Mendoza said that she seldom do spa in Venezuela because it is expensive. Beautiful 22 years old girl said that she enjoyed very much when her body was messaging with “Javanese Massage” technique. After massaging, Mendoza was served with traditional healthy drink “Wedang Jasmat” (made from ginger, milk, honey and egg). She said that the drink was tasty and delicious.

Besides meeting Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Mendoza also attended Grand Final of Indonesian Beauty Queen Pageant, which was held in Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), on 15 August 2008.

Then on 18 August 2008 Mendoza visited Borobudur Temple, in Magelang, Central Java. Since arriving at the temple, this beauty queen was in high mood; she observed every corner of the temple, which has many reliefs that telling stories and philosophies. At that informal visit, Mendoza wore casual clothes, a black trousers and purple shirt. She took a lot of photos of the temple. Even she took photos of the guide who told her about history of the temple.

She also looked for the best background according to her taste and then she requested people who accompanied her to take her photo. Although actually that is intended as private visit, many reporters were on the locations and it made Mendoza felt bit uncomfortable. Anyhow Mendoza admired the temple and she said Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddish temple in the world, is a world very special heritage, that’s why she took a lot of pictures of the temple.

In that visit, Mendoza was accompanied by Indonesia Beauty Queen 2008 Zivanna Letisha Siregar. Mendoza was able to touch the “Kunto Bimo” statue inside “stupa” (dome enclosing an effigy of Buddha) in the highest level of Borobudur Temple. It was said whoever can touch the statue, god of fortune will be always on his/her side.

Mendoza also enjoyed the view of Menoreh Hill from the topside of the temple. Seeing the hill. Mendoza asked many things about the hill in connection with the history of the temple. Mendoza also asked a lot of questions about the hand positions of Buddha effigies. Borobudur Temple is vacation object that is always visited by every miss universe. Mendoza also visited Hindus temple Prambanan. In Indonesia Mendoza also visited Bali and Sumatra island.

Mendoza will revisit Indonesia in October 2008. At that time she is scheduled to star some advertisements for Indonesian products. Mendoza said Indonesia and Venezuela, as developing countries, have some similarities, including the characters of their peoples, who have smiley faces thanks to their countries’ beautiful nature.