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The cricket has become religion for Indians. And since India is world champion now,its beyond that and shown strong bond between cricket and Bollywood.

The IPL fever is started in india now and whole world is watching . Few days before  the world cup every one watched the drama of IPL auction.Many good players missed out in this IPL league,other wise dram would have been more interesting.The selection process was so interesting in this IPL.The only 3 players from last season were allowed to retain in this season and this was the real drama.

The IPL is definitely missing Ganguly now because he was captain of KKR team in last season and now he is not in the IPL  great loss for KKR as well as SRK(”sharukh Khan” owner of KKR and Bollywood superstar) . Another big loss for Pretty Zenta(also bollywood actress)  well ,because she lost the  man in form Yuvraj singh   who  really played well in World Cup 2011(And let me remind you India is now world Champion).

This format of game has gone far away from expectation of common people and people have gone crazy about the game . India just enjoyed World cup fever Just before 8 to 10 days and they are enjoying the IPL in same fashion.But personally i feel that World cup is World cup no one can touch it’s height.

The real drama of the IPL is that here meet the Titans and i bet , that no one can ask for better than this.Game is just Better than best and faster than lightning.All i Can say is this will take cricket to another level and cricketers are like super hero’s for common people now.Because cricket is showing strong bond bitween Bollywood and players.This is happening from early days of cricket.And now its open for both to communicate directly because of IPL and Bollywood actors are showing more interest in cricket now.

The whole crowd comes to watch players like Sachin Tendulkar , Virendra Sehawag, Mahendrasing Dhoni, Gutam Gambhr,Kerion Pollard,Ross Taylor,Rahul Dravid and lot more playing opposite to each other.More cricket this season is coming .So Eat cricket , sleep cricket and Drink only…what ever you want but these are lines from a commercial.


Image by MattGDawson via Flickr

Image by markhillary via Flickr