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The disappointing loss of Fiji in the Hong Kong sevens.

The small island country of Fiji is well known for Sevens Rugby. It is common knowledge that most of the young boys over the age of five have either touched a rugby ball or have played a game of sevens and any other form of rugby.

Like any game there are fans that follow the game of Rugby in the abbreviated code “Sevens” and as the Hong Kong Sevens tournament kicked off they were all glued to their television sets hoping that their team makes it to the final and win the cup.

The Hong Kong sevens tournament is the biggest tournament on the International Rugby Boards Sevens Circuit calendar. New Zealand had already won four tournaments leading up to Hong Kong and they were well ahead on the points table. The rugby mad fans of Fiji were excited and eager to see the Fiji team run onto the field and they went crazy when the star started Fiji side thrashed Korea in their opening game 42-7 putting the run for the title on track. The second pool game on the second day of competition saw the Fijians facing a determined Zimbabwe who had a lot of experience in their line up, but they could not hold for long as the Fijian demolished their fight back and won 42-14. In the last of three pool games, Fiji beat an impressive Welsh side made up of new and experienced sevens players, by 15-0. On the third and final day the Fijians faced the Kenyans in a grueling quarter final, the Kenyans with all their fire power could not prevent the Fijians from scoring two unanswered tries and saw them being eliminated from the competition.

The kava was flowing and the fans were getting ready for the semi finals, the Fijians had to play New Zealand another powerhouse in the rugby world, these two teams were the biggest of rivals, they knew what to expect from each other and so did fans. Before the game started the Televisions were finely tuned, the grog bowl was refilled and those that needed to use the rest room had to go, no one wanted to miss a minute of the game that was about to get underway.

The two teams ran onto the field looking fit and stylish in there uniforms, like gladiators ready to fight to the death, and their fans were all behind them. Cheers went out as the game kicked off and soon after that, all one could here was disappointing remarks that the Fijian fans were throwing at the players who were thousand of miles away and getting the hell beat out of them. Fiji lost in the semi finals to a well organized and fit New Zealand team. They had no answer to the onslaught that the Kiwis were putting on and the mistakes they made cost them the game, going down 34-0

The whole of Fiji felt the disappointing loss, and every fan knew that it would take something extraordinary to beat the Kiwis in the next tournament in Adelaide.

The Kava tasted bitter when the team lost and many die -hard fans turned off their TVs and went to sleep, some went around cursing in disgust at the way the Fijian boys played while some watched New Zealand beat South Africa to win the tournament.