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Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, was arrested for possession and supplying drugs in Aspen, Colorado.

American actress and a real estate agent, Brooke Mueller, was arrested last Friday, December 02,2011, for a large amount of cocaine possession and assault, confirmed by the spokeswoman for the Aspen Police Department.

The trouble started when a woman contacted  Aspen police and reported an assault and identified Brooke Mueller as the aggressor. The police launched a search then and the star was tracked down to nearby Escobar nightclub, where Brooke Mueller was arrested. She was found to have more than a certain amount of cocaine and police said that this indicates that the star had intentions of distributing the drugs.

Mueller was charged with “class one misdemeanor”,assault in the third degree, and “class four felony”, possession of cocaine with an intent to distribute. The star could face up to six years of jail if found guilty of the said charges.

She was then released after posting a bond of $11,000. However, she has to return for a hearing on December 19,2011. Reporters have been contacting the star and her representatives for Mueller’s comments but received no response yet.

Brooke Mueller was already arrested for cocaine possession in March 2011 but charges were dropped after revealing tests that she has no drugs in her system. And now,she is facing the same problem again. People said she never learns. The star already underwent a 45-day outpatient rehab program for alcohol and drug addiction on July 1,2011 and she had successfully completed it. This time, the arrest will force Mueller to go into a treatment again. Her family has been trying to get her to do this for quite some time but refused to do so.

Brooke Mueller got married to actor Charlie Sheen on May 30,2008 and gave birth to her twins on March 14,2009.

The picture below was taken by a police after the star was arrested in Aspen, Colorado.