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Is Fort Knox empty? What is backing our United State’s Dollar? Recently even Congressmen were denied access after petitioning government for inspection.

Is Fort Knox empty?  Do we even have any gold reserves anymore in the United States?   And if not, what is backing the United State’s dollar?  These are the questions that many people are asking lately of our nation’s economic security and the answers may be downright scary for all of us.


The biggest question mark of all has been why no one has been able to see the gold for almost 40 years now.  The last time anyone had access to inspect the deposits was on September 23, 1974.  Members of Congress and news media were allowed access on that date and pictures were taken of the vaults with the gold deposits intact.  Ever since that day, there has not been anyone allowed access to confirm the gold amounts that are supposedly stored at the Fort.

Recently a team of Congressmen from several key states have been trying to gain access to Fort Knox for a visual inspection and confirmation of the gold reserves stored there.  According to several of the Congressmen, they are having a difficult time even getting responses out of the United States Treasury and Mint departments and when they do, they are denied immediately.

So the main question remains:  Why deny even Congressmen access if the gold reserves are intact?   By not letting the public or even other members of our government confirm the gold is still there is going to generate more suspicions and controversy.  Of course, if the gold is not there, then it could lead to our dollar plummeting too so they might have good reasons in making sure no one gets access.