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Is the Chan died or is it a Hoax?

Is Jackie Chan Died ? This has been going around the Internet like wildfire, all due to one person who 
has a lot of Twitter followers, facebook profile/pages and made Tweets about him dyeing of a heart attack.
What Happened ? At 11pm on March 29 over 25,000 people had “liked”
the message on Chan’s Facebook account. A story on the Courier-Mail news site created confusion with a 
message of “R.I.P Jackie Chan”. Even though it’s serious and shouldn’t be a joke the blog of the person who 
started the viral rumour made a fake quote from US President Obama saying. “First, Nate Dogg, then it is 
Jackie Chan “ which I thought was quite humorous.

The Jackie Chan Hoax creator was a person from a well established Internet forum where people make a living from the
Internet, but weirdly the Hoaxer didn’t monetise the blog he was getting hits on, an estimated 400,000 views
which could of seen him make $50,000 in advertising.

The biggest hoax since this was, the death of Justin Bieber and his death was rumoured many times. It’s not hard to find
out if rumours are true so if you were fooled by this Hoax. Next time, put the name of the person in google and
click “news” this will show if rumours are true or not.