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The news that the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate Middleton, is expecting twins is broken for the first time on – read the full story here!

Twins Expected by Future Queen of England!

An inside source at the King Edward VII private hospital in London, England, has revealed to an AndAnotherThing journalist that the Princess of Britain and the Commonwealth is expecting twins! We are able to reveal this truth because of the high calibre of our news journalists. We wish to state, at this point, that our scoop was not obtained via any scurrilous methods – such as phone hacking – that were lampooned by Lord Leveson in his eponymous report.

How Did AndAnotherThing Discover the Twins in Waiting (so to speak)?

Our in office researcher did what she is paid for and researched into the condition hyperemesis gravidarum, also known as severe morning sickness. It is held by leading obstetricians that a high proportion of pregnant women suffering with the condition went on to give birth to twins. Armed with this information and AndAnotherThing reporter went for a drinky poos with a worker from the leading nob’s hospital named above. After plying the source with drinks our reported said:

“do you think Kate will be able to cope with twins”

The tell-tale reply was:

“I’m sure she will… after all…hick…they have a lot of help at home…paid for by the poor taxpayers of their realm,,,”