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A lawsuit was filed against Lady Gaga’s Japan relief efforts in connection to charity donations said to have been misrepresented by the pop star.

Lady Gaga and company deny taking from Japan donation money. (Wikipedia image)

A legal complaint had been filed in Michigan by the 1 800 Law Firm against Lady Gaga, her record label, Universal Music Group, as well as the Bravado International Group for their lack of transparency involving money raised for charity for the benefit of tsunami disaster victims in Japan. The charity money was raised from the sale of rubber wristbands, but its donation was questioned with accusations that not all of it was given to charity in spite of Lady Gaga’s earlier statement that all the proceeds will go to the victims of the disaster.

The wristbands, on which are written, “We pray for Japan,” in English and Japanese, were sold for $5 each. The legal suit accused Lady Gaga and her partners of setting aside a portion of the donation money to cover shipping costs of the wristbands in excess of the actual expense and that they had also kept some of the cash for themselves.

According to Holly Shakoor, Lady Gaga’s spokesperson, the lawsuit was misguided and without merit and only served to divert attention from the efforts of the artist and fans to support the people of Japan. She reiterated that the money from the sales of wristbands all went to charity and that no profit was made in the shipping. She clarified that sales taxes were applied in accordance with local laws.

Based on local reports by the Japanese media, Lady Gaga had already donated as much as $3 million to northeastern Japan from the sale of the wristbands.

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