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Is Michael really dead? Was it just a Fake found in Jackson’s home? Could he be on his way as we speak to a remote place to live till death really takes him?

Can you tell if this is Jackson or a fake. make a guess on what you think and look at the end of this article to find the answers!

There has been some intresting rumorson Jackson death lately. It was reported that he was on most occasions who people thought he was. There have been many Jackson impersonators over the years but there have been some rumors that the so called Jackson body found at his mansion was not his but a fake.

 Though they have not completed investigating it is said that if it is found that this Jackson is a fake the real Jackson is well hid somewhere who knows where in the World.  If this is the case  then the real Jackson and his doctor who mysteriously disappeared went to a remote place which they picked put and bought with the last of Jackson money. This is what put Jackson in so much debt.

Then Jackson lives happy away from the public in hiding till old age takes him. But if this is true why right after he announced a come back? Well as you review the tape of “him” announcing his comeback you can clearly tell it’s a double just by looking at his head shape, and the way he walks and talks.

 Another reason for a fake death would have been see what kind of destiny he leaves behind. For as we all know to some he was a public enemy before he died. Not only that but when you asked someone one week ago “What do you think of Jackson?” Most likely they would say Molester, freak, monster…etc now if you ask those same people it’s almost guarantee they will say “hero, inspiration, legend, king of pop”

answer to picture on top: No that is not the real Jackson and is the Fake who is talked of in this article.