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The no shave November of 2012.

No Shave November is an annual event that real men do every year. What happens is that guys start out with a clean shaved face on Halloween and grow it out until the first of December. This is usually done to raise awareness, usually of prostate and testicular cancer. This year, it’s more based around mustaches, hence the “Mo” in Movember. Lots of guys with family and girlfriends who disapprove receive reticule for doing this event. Sometimes, the girlfriends will do their own thing called “No Sex November”. Some guys cave and shave in the first week, others make it to the end of the month, and some both make it to the end of the month while still getting the booty. So to kick off Movember, I’ve decided I want to post some wonderful facial hair that I’ve found on google! Here marks the end of my writing.