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Should paparazzi be banned?

Do you walk outside and get blinded by the camera flash of several paparazzo’s every time you try to go to work, fun errands, or just to hang our with your friends? Well if you do, take several precautions in how you approach these paparazzi , because as a annoying as they are, using aggressive behavior toward these people can cause you to spend some time behind the bars in jail.

Paparazzi should be banned for taking pictures of celebrities or other types of famous people and selling the pictures for money or putting them on the news paper with out asking. Pictures are being set on the internet that can be inappropriate, and children might accidentally see them. This can lead the children to a future that they thought they would never have. Not only can paparazzi effect the lives of children and the public, but it effects the lives of the celebrities as well. Several of the pictures that the paparazzi take are used in magazines and the news to display a faulty image of the celebrity. The spreading of faulty news is known as gossip.

Imagine if you were a person with paparazzi and you had him following you around snapping pictures of you constantly. Wouldn’t that be annoying to you? You would never be able to do any of the normal things, such as go to the mall with friends or out to dinner and a movie, with out the constant flashing of a camera and several annoying paparazzi around you. You would never have privacy.

More and more people are becoming paparazzi as more people come famous. The amount of money that paparazzi are reviving for their pictures are increasing more and more each day, which only encourages them to take more and more pictures.