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Indian model Poonam Pandey doing the long-overdue strip is now online.

Poonam Pandey is a 19 year old Indian model who promised to strip and offer her nude pictures to the Indian cricket team if they won the World Cup last year.

And they did! After the victory, Poonam rephrased, saying she would strip only if the cricket board BCCI offered her permission. As expected, they did not, for India is an uber-conservative country and such acts would lead to obvious social unrest.

After over a year of hinting, occassionally with subtlety, Poonam Pandey has done what she “promised” to do with India won the cricket world cup: pose nude “for the team”.

As the Indian Premier League ended, Poonam, an erstwhile unknown model who has now bagged a role in a Bollywood movie (thanks to her “bold” pictures surfacing every now and then) and shed every single piece of clothing. This was her way of celebrating the Kolkata Knight Riders’ victory. Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of team KKR is yet to comment.

Here is the picture in question:

An older pic:

However, it hasn’t quite created the stir she expected. When other lesser-known women in India displayed a full frontal, people in this conservative country went haywire, circulating the pictures, commenting and arranging full-fledged debates over women revealing their modesty. In fact, Playboy is banned in the country. However, Poonam Pandey’s nude photo has, needless to say, failed to create such an impact in the few hours it has circulated on the net. The country has probably warmed up to her year-long foreplay. That, or meat-hungry Indian men don’t quite find bones apt to their taste.

The only other discussion going on is about how women with ‘easy’ virtues don’t really have it that easy getting what they want. I don’t want to comment on this but wish Sexy Poonam Pandey all the luck in getting what she wants. :)

Poonam Pandey’s Hot Shower Video

As of 15 October 2011, a video clip featuring Pooanm bathing has found it way to YouTube and has been flagged by the site for being age restricted. You can watch the video here without having to verify your age:

The other link with over 300,000 views requires age verification which means you have to create an account. Since it does not feature nudity, this step seems to be a waste of time.

About the video, I can only comment that it reaches new heights of attention seeking by Ms. Pandey.

Poonam Pandey’s Rumoured “Nude MMS” Video

Two months ago, rumour was that a voyeur cam video of Poonam changing at a photoshoot had leaked online, that too on YouTube. The videos, upon investigation, were nothing but Poonam pulling off a tshirt to reveal a bikini at her photoshoot. Here’s the rumoured ‘nude MMS video’ leaked:


Of course, this could be Poonam’s own doing for publicity and modeling offers (she got loads after the first one). In response, Poonam Pandey tweeted: “ohhh Poonam Pandey ka MMS …. Where u got this Video of mine from???”, then making sure that we all see the MMS by posting the YouTube link, “i never knew People made My MMS and also Uploaded on Youtube saying it a “STRIP ACT” have a look”

People sure are crazy.