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British royal family will visit him in hospital on Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who had, according to an official statement, a "quiet night" after surgery to unblock a coronary artery.

According to Sky News, many members of the royal family will visit him on Saturday afternoon, Prince Philip Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was admitted to emergency last night with chest pains and doctors intervened to unblock a coronary artery surgery.
In an official statement issued Saturday morning, Buckingham Palace has sent the “Duke of Edinburgh had a very quiet night.”

Prince Philip was transported by helicopter to hospital in Sandringham Palace, located in Norfolk, where the royal family gathered to celebrate Christmas.

Royal Palace announced that Prince Philip will remain in hospital under observation, “a short period.”

According to Iqbal Malik doctor-specialist, it seems that the Duke of Edinburgh was about to suffer a heart attack, but doctors have successfully managed to block the continuation of this heart attack.