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A girl was attacked by a rabid bat in a food aisle of a Wallmart store.

A mother and her five-year-old daughter shopping in Walmart (Cambridge, Minnesota) when a bat flew down and attacked the girl.

The girl was sat in the child seat when the bat flew down, having circled her, before biting her leg. Terrified mother Holly Townley, rushed to get daughter Zoe some medical attention, but it was here the horror really grew. It turned out that the bat that bit Zoe was more than likely rabid.

Holly told media reporters that the horror of what had happened was traumatic enough, but the treatment has been the worst part. Zoe has had to undergo three courses of treatment; side effects have caused body temperatures of over 100 degrees.

Holly who’s main priority is to get Zoe back to good health is demanding that Wallmart stand up and take responsibility for the incident. Wallmart have not as yet announced their intentions to the Townley family, but did state through spokesperson Dianna Gee that a pest controller was called in and the bat has been destroyed.

Holly states that the trauma for Zoe has been severe, she never wants to leave the house, and refuses to go into any shops.