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Fatal car accident claims renowned entertainer.


Eminem is, of course, not actually dead.  There are actual rumors of such floating around the internet as we speak:

Or perhaps it’s just a rumor of a rumor.  Even Better!  We don’t really care.  We just crave stories like heroin addicts.  If Eminem had actually died, it’s a fairly safe bet we’d all know rather quickly.  And yet you clicked onto this link, just as I clicked on the original.  Because it’s who and what we are.  We are suckers, and will continue to be so……

This is something that happens nearly every day;  Here are some of the more famous (or infamous) ones:

And there were more, Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum, to name a few.  But things like this aren’t limited to celebrity deaths.  We, the internet crowd, fall prey to some of the better hoaxes consistantly… here are some classics.

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     If there is a lesson to be learned here it’s this;  we’re all pretty dumb, and proving so is usually funny.