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     It’s old news that Chris Brown beat up Rhianna but his reasons to his actions just aren’t good enough. Surely there had to be more to the story. Rhianna and Chris Brown seemed like a match made in heaven. Then why would he beat her up?

     So, here goes why Chris Brown beat up Rhianna:

Chris and Rhianna were together for quite a while. After a while of dating they do what all people would do. Late one night at about 1 am they came home from the club a bit tipsy. A bit too tipsy. So, being lovers, they were horny and decided to have sex. It was satisfying. So that can’t be a reason that Chris Brown beat up Rhianna. But then why did he do it? The next morning Chris woke up to Rhianna crying. Of course he gets startled and asks what’s wrong. Then it comes out, Rhianna gave Chris Brown AIDS! So, in his fury, Chris Brown was as mad as anyone is expected to be when they find out and he beats her up. But he would not tell the media. Of course not. Even though he got AIDS from Rhianna he wouldn’t tell the media. That would ruin her reputation! They were lovers for a long time and surely best friends, he wouldn’t be able to do that. So he lied to the media.

And……………………………that was a story. For your entertainment purposes. I have no idea if this really happened or not, but it seems possible doesn’t it?