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Technically, it is possible to insure any part of your body. Which part would you insure?

Celebrities sometimes insure various parts of their body according to whichever is most important to them. Pianists insure their hands, dancers insure their feet, singers insure their voices . These famous people insured various body parts for millions of dollars.

Fred Astaire

Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

Fred Astaire, world renowned dancer insured his legs for $650,000 which doesn’t sound a lot compared to today’s huge pay outs. Fred was an Academy Award film and stage dance, choreographer, singer and actor. (1899-1987).

Jamie Lee Curtis

Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis insured her legs for £1 million. This American film actress was the star of many horror films. As an actress she clearly didn’t see her face on the screen as being her most important attribute. Her legs are her most important asset according to her, or so it may seem.

Marlene Dietrich

Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

Marlene Dietrich was a German born American actress, singer and entertainer, who died in 1992. The American Film Institute listed her as number 9 in the list of Greatest Female Stars of All Time. She constantly evolved her act and changed her image but it was her dark brown, husky voice that most people recognised. She insured it for $1 million.

Ken Dodd

Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

English comedian and singer songwriter, Ken Dodd, know as Doddy, insured those famous buck teeth of his. He is famous for selling 100 million records (remember vinyls?) but most of all for his trade mark buck teeth, frizzy hair and feather duster, or tickling stick. Those teeth were insured for $4 million.

Dolly Parton

Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

Dolly didn’t insure her voice as might have been expected, but her breasts, which she clearly saw as her most important asset. Dolly Parton remains the most successful country music singer/songwriter of all time. Those famous breasts were insured for just $800,000 which is surprisingly little compared to the huge insurance claims and payouts we hear of today.

Bruce Springsteen

Photo: Wikipedia creative commons

Bruce Springsteen , American songwriter/singer and guitarist, insured the obvious thing which was his voice for $6 million. Again this seems very little when you compare the huge amounts earned by successful singers and songwriters today.

If you insured a part of your body, which part would it be and how much would you insure it for? Personally I would insure my voice as I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to talk, or sing, albeit very badly.