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R N B singer Gearld Levert died of a heart attack. He was only 40 years old.

My reaction to this news

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I logged on to AOL. I saw how Gerald Levert died of a heart attack. He died on November 10, 2006. I was shocked by this news. It has been two days and I still can’t believe that he is dead. This is a big blow to the world of R N B music.

His career

For those of you who weren’t familiar with Gerald Levert, he was the son of legendary singer Eddie Levert of the group The O’Jays. He was also an R N B singer. His career started in the 80s with the group Levert. He formed this group with his brother and childhood friend. They had numerous hits which include: Casanova, (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind, and ABC as well as others. He left the group and became a solo artist. He also has success as a solo artist. He also has a hit single with his father called Baby Hold On To Me. Even though he had success on his own, he formed another group with LSG. This group was with Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill. They recorded two albums together.

Gerald Levert fans loved to see him perform in concert. He would put on shows that drove women crazy. I have seen him perform, and he put on a great show. He really put his heart and soul in the songs. I am not surprised that his tours and concerts did well because he put on great shows.

Even though Gerald Levert was known for his singing, he has also acted. He made a cameo in the movie New Jack City. He guest starred on the Parkers. Recently, he did a play called Confessions with singer Kelly Price.

He is survived by his family (which includes four children), friends, and his fans.

He was a great talent who will be sorely missed.

Goodbye Gerald Levert.