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Michael Jackson’s death had one of the biggest media covers ever.

       Last week, one of the greatest musicians ever died. The news quickly spread around the world, and since his death, many people expressed their sadness for what happened. TV, radio, Internet, everything was good to remind his life. Even here, in Portugal, spent on TV many documentaries, and interviews about Michael Jackson.

       I don’t remember someone being so reminded on the media. I think that no one was indifferent to what succeeded, even people that weren’t fans of him. Almost everyone is curious about his life, his childhood, his youth, how did he became a star, or scandals were he was involved.  If Michael Jackson alive worth millions, now, he worth even more, because everyone wants something that makes them remind the king of pop.

       Michael Jackson left a great career with lots of success. and some bad times, just like all the careers. I think that difficultly, will appear someone like him, because there aren’t much people that have Michael Jackson’s talent. After his death, there are many questions that probably won’t have answers, like his supposed involvement in cases of pedophilia.