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The rumor has been passing around that Macaulay Culkin has passed away at the age of 32 due to Heroin addiction. This is just a rumor, and not the truth.

His Carrier

So rumors have been going around about the death of Mucaulay Culkins, the Hollywood kid mostly known as the “Home Alone Boy” or the “Richie Rich”. He grew up to a very successful carrier and the richest young star of America. He was also known to be a good friend of Michael Jackson, starred in his music video “Black and White” and is the godfather of Michael Jackson’s children.

He was a very successful young actor but started to do drugs. He was (and is still) addicted to heroin. As many of you might have already seen, there are thousands of images floating around in the internet of Macaulay Culkin doing drugs. His look has massively changed due to the heroin and he looks a lot older now.

Culkin’s drug addiction

However, he can’t get over his heroin addiction and The National Enquirer mentioned that Macaulay only hast 6 Months to live. This could sure be a true assumption because Culkin spands a shocking $6000 every month (!!!) on fueling his drug addictions.

Rumors + Personal Opinion

Now to the point, the rumors that Macaulay Culkin is dead are NOT TRUE!! A website called “” published his death as of 2012 but wrote “This is not a news Article. (No one has died)” above it. Some people might have overseen it or ignored it. I don’t know, but I don’t even understand why Necropedia would even post such a thing. 

Just remember… Macauray Culkin IS NOT DEAD!

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