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An inspiring role by President Paul Wolfowitz in World Bank.

Sometimes the intention of doing good is often mistaken as a mischief to others (and by others) who are directly affected.  Alone, (but not in the dark) Paul Wolfowitz have tried his best (as insistent as he is) in targeting corruption on such manners as:

  1. Complicity to its staff – majority take for granted the existence and threat ot it;
  2. Reduction of disburement of the funded amount – limiting alternatives to massive funding allowed;
  3. Borrowers dilemma – outright scrutiny on relationships exhibited as far as going into ‘moral damages’; and
  4. Reduction plan of poverty – belittleing its own efforts to lessen chaotic destitute situations.

Have these effects proven disastrous to him?  Yes, indeed.  Two (2) aspects on his administration paved the way to his difficult times, namely:

  1. Policy execution – only a few elite group from the top could formulate;
  2. Multilateralism support – perhaps during the Bush administration, a multilateral institution could not be saleable for a solid support, at any degree.

What are the effects of this on Paul Wolfowitz’s role as World Bank President? The effects need a positive note (and not the adverse negative effect).  It is totally wrong to put the blame on him as the sole problem.  If people do not trust recommendations, then appointments need not be conquered upon.  He deserves to run World Bank as he pleases – provided he stays within the boundaries of its policy, mission and objectives – at any rate.  Merits and appointments on a competitive basis are the two (2) guidelines where its staff have dwelled on.  Eventually, what is amply needed is for World Bank to practice what it preaches.

Although ”cronyism” is rampant (not common) in most big organizations – this must not be followed by himself as both World Bank President and as ‘Global Policeman’.

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[ Paul Wolfowitz with Pentagon delegation on his new post. ]