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With all due respect to former Vice-President Al Gore, given his many years of dedication and his recently awarded Pulitzer Prize for his work on making the world aware of “Global Warming” and though still shrouded in some controversy, our even greater world problem is “Global Pollution”.

In the last few decades, we have been experiencing a gradual warming trend throughout the world and truly, if this warming continues at its present rate we are told, it will cause havoc upon most of the processes that sustain man. Our food supplies will dwindle because of greater deserts being formed, our water supplies will reek greater levels of dangerous bacteria. Disease will become rampant in many areas of the world and may eventually overwhelm our resources and abilities to deal with their scavenges, to name but a few. We can in no way even begin to undermine these possibilities, but there is still one scourge that can plague mankind in the very near future, if our world leaders do not face a surely more pressing reality.

Are We To Believe That The World Is Missing An Even More Pressing Issue?

It is true that both the U.S. and the rest of the world is now and even has begun in some critical areas to deal with this present issue by “preparing” themselves to slowly (really, as quickly as possible) wane away from “fossil fuels” in order to lower the global “footprint” enabling the release of the heat absorbing carbon dioxide gas, hoping that in the effort will lower this release. Throughout the world, many nations have and even daily are committing most of their efforts into switching to the course of the future by using Wind, Solar, Geothermal, etc. sources of renewable power, which will not release carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and hopefully reversing Global Warming. Wow, with all this effort, we will be able to sit back and relax. Not really.

In Our Attempt To Reverse Global Warming, We Have Overlooked One Thing.

True, in the attempt to reverse global warming, it will lower much of the future air polluting gases which will hopefully reverse the Earth’s heating, but the present pollution levels of other human toxins that have been created from the past will not be reversed, such as mercury, PCB’s, etc. in our oceans, lakes and soils, etc. and if we combine this with the ongoing pollution of the food we consume, which are grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, genetically engineered seed, etc. and then are processed using additives such as food imitations, colorings, preservatives, conditioners, hydrogenated oils, etc., along with artificial sweeteners of great diversity, not to mention that much of the food we consume is “irradiated” before it reaches the grocer, the human body, many expert nutritionists contend will eventually overwhelm the unique workings of its organs, causing disease and untimely deterioration. It may be that this will be our undoing long before the Earth reaches a level of inhabitability. Should this be some food for thought?