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How to lead the free world.

The US leads the free world but with that becomes the responsibility to live as an example of freedom.

When we cater to or elect people of who limits our freedom, we loose our credibility. Our direction must change as incrementally we have been loosing our rights due to socialist agenda from elected leaders.

Political correctness for example has limited our freedom of speech. A false environmental concern has limited our freedom to produce energy.

Higher taxes on goods and punishing taxes on success have limited our freedom to succeed as we choose.

God has been stricken from government offices and public schools, this in the name of separation of church and state but if you read our constitution never does it restrict us from our religious beliefs or the practice in any place.

The constitution restricts the government from supporting a religion or force of religion on the people. I also restrict the government from taking the rights of those who wish to practice and worship or not in any place in America. Yet the ones who write bad law and hypocritically force the religion of secular humanism in public schools.

We must take back our schools. We must take back our legislative branch. We must take back our courts. We must hold every office of government to a higher standard of holding our great constitution as the rule of what made America the best. We must take back our taxes used for socialist experiments that always fail miserably. Stop regulating the private industry on false claims (Man made Global Warming Hoax) but have good laws for them to follow.