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There’s a lot of work to be done for President Obama in the coming months and years.

January 20th, 2009 was when America had welcomed Barack Obama as their 44th President of the United States and being the first openly-acknowledged African-American President since history didnt permit the truth that we had other presidents with black ancestry. Yet it also became very clear that the presidency of George W. Bush was a disappointment to Americans here and abroad. Those who supported Bush preferably his wife Laura and Condoleeza Rice tried to make it sound as if Bush’s time in office was good when in fact many Americans were none too happy with Bush because of how he basically turned this country upside down with his poor leadership and also making excuses along the way for things he did citing it was for the best interest of the country. Here’s the thing everything he did was for the best interest of his constituents who’s pockets were getting lined from here to Cuba. Bush really didnt accomplish a lot in the 8 years he was president and his attitude reflected that since he didnt really answer for much when the polls read the number of people who were disappointed in his performance in office.

Not to mention plunging this country into a war that the majority of Americans didnt agree with along with the fact that he took apart the work that Clinton had done to fix the damage left when Bush’s daddy was in office except daddy didnt plunge the entire country into a deficit that cost thousands of people their jobs and homes. While Bush enjoys his retirement home in Texas living in a 2 million dollar home more Americans are continuing to struggle financially and seeing the loss of homes at a record rate. You ask yourself as an American citizen including those who did vote for Bush did you regret voting for someone who really has proven he was ill-prepared for political office. Most of what Bush accomplished in his time in office was stuff that was all at his daddy’s hand since he clearly didnt prove he was an effective leader of the most powerful country on the planet. Bush pretty much made a lot of pointless statements about how he was doing what he did for the best interest of the country. We saw on 9/11 the failed leadership when it took Bush 5 minutes to drop what he was doing to go handle the problem of what was a threat to this country’s security and safety. It proved that Bush wasnt prepared for the responsibility of being the leader of the largest democracy in the western world.

We also took another blow with a record breaking deficit that essentially became the catalyst in so many people losing their jobs and seeing an increase of forclosures on homes across the country. This also became an even bigger deal when shortly before the presidential election when Bush was making his final rounds of state visits that a man who got angry at something Bush said took both shoes off and threw them at Bush. That was a witness to how foreigners viewed Americans. World leaders from other countries had expressed dislike for Bush and have said that he isnt exactly the fairest person around, and that’s why many world leaders refused to meet with Bush and if people paid closer attention Bush was also a big shyster because countless people who worked in government were also fired or forced to resign from their positions all because they didnt agree with Bush’s views and foreign policies. Many had quit voluntarily to avoid being fired and many who were out had gone to work in civilian positions or managed to secure themselves in a different job in and outside Washington D.C.

The response to hurricane Katrina was also another blow to Bush’s already failing reputation as a world leader and the lack of response time also proved otherwise and him posing with victims was only a photo opportunity to make him look good in the eyes of Americans. What is clear now is that those who voted for Bush have seen the mess he made of this country and the trail of broken promises and a country in such disarray that it could take the next couple years or even a full two terms for Obama to fix the mess that it took Clinton 8 years to repair. Bush has made it clear countless times that he doesnt care about history judging him when history will judge him harder for failed leadership. When Clinton was in office he had world leaders responding positively to his views of diplomacy and foreign policies that were not putting cracks in the country’s reputation. Because of Bush’s failed attempt to respond to the catastrophe that struck Louisiana and areas up and down the gulf coast also made people really think back to why John Kerry and Al Gore would have made a much better president than Bush because both men had their views in place and made more sense of foreign policies and the things that would benefit Americans as a people and as a whole country.

Bush had achieved political noteriety through riding his daddy’s coattails and getting by on his father’s political connections that’s how he was able to dodge the draft for the Vietnam war when others were being forced to go or faced jail time. Bush didnt have to do much of anything except move up the ladder by just having a famous last name and even his educational background reflects the lack of expectation in how a leader presents himself because anyone who graduates from a top notch school like Yale University would have a grade point average higher than a C average. This also shows a poor example to kids who look up to the very person who leads their country that a president who got by on just his name isnt one who proves he can get by on his own merit and hard work. He abused the political system of this country by playing the pay to play game by cheating the election because his brother was governor of Florida. This also proved that it was time for the laws to change in this country in terms of holding politicians accountable for failed leadership. When Bush and republican-controlled congress had entered this country into war there were more people killed than when Bush Jr’s father was president for one term.

Bush walked away not really caring that his leadership produced a deficit that has put this country in complete disarray to the point that many people even most republicans regret putting Bush into the white house since he’s done very little in 8 years. The Bush presidency wasted 8 years of dismantling the work that Clinton put into improving the national budget and bringing the standards of the country up and putting out more opportunities for Americans to work and have better lives. The fact that Bush did this has shown clearly that putting a country into war has not stimulated the economy it actually hurt it even more. There’s a lot of work to be done for President Obama in the coming months and years.