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Ulsterman agrees he has a hidden agenda. He is jealous of Michael Moore and what Michael Moore said in Wisconsin on March 5th was true!

Ulsterman spewed his bile over the truths outed by Michael Moore in his 30 minute speech in Wisconsin on March 5th. The central message Michael Moore got out was that America is not broke but that all its money had been amassed by a few families and that was wrong. 

These select few have lied, cheated and stolen money from honest hard working Americans. Michael Moore wants to out the methods they have used and attempt to stop them doing it in the future. Is it right that 400 Americans has as much money as 155 million other Americans? 

To bury Michael Moore’s message Ulsterman in typical style has questioned its validity on the grounds that Michael Moore is overweight and that he is a millionaire himself. This is the argument of a jealous idiot but it will be upheld by thousands who uphold the 400 because they have been manipulated to believe that the world should be unequal. Strange thing is that Ulsterman is rumoured to be rich and fat too! (Also Ulsterman is a smelly, bigot but that’s another story.)

Read Michael Moore’s speech yourself and make your own mind up. Click here to read the transcript

Image via Wikipedia Ulsterman fatter than Michael Moore and completely jealous of him