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My thoughts on the almost upcoming economic depression.

            Over the past eight months, our economy has taken more hits than it has since the depression the last time our stock market faced harsh troubles…like it is now. I watched the market one day, after it opened the DOW went down over five hundred points. In five minutes.

            Before the trading was done for the day it was almost at a breaking point.

            If our stock market crashes again, we will enter another depression. You think it is bad now, unemployment will be over 40 percent within the first two months in the event of another stock market crash. I wouldn’t want to think of the next year or two either.

           Back in March, when the economy first showed real signs of going under, all of the major economists said it would turn around within the next three to four months. That was seven months ago now, and it’s just gotten far worse.

           I had faith that it would turn around for us. But now… I really fear the worst for America. I don’t want to get too political on my theories on the economy but i will say this; we need lower taxes, less government spending, clean energy, and oil independence to get our economy back to it’s higher and more compatible state like before our leaders sold us out.

          This election may mean everything for us or it may just end up the same way. We’ll get a politician who everyone thinks can help but is the same as all the others. The banks along with a lazy government will screw the people again. I hope it doesn’t go as bad as I fear it may. Thanks for listening people.