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A personal view of how our government is really run and who actually makes the decisions that matter worldwide.

After the Obama victory in November of 2008 I felt the electricity of the U.S. and the positive energy and hope we all felt. Suddenly after he is inaugurated in January his policies completely contradicted what his campaign promises stated. We, the public, wondered why none of the bail-out money had reached the hands of most U.S. citizens. This is because even though Obama has the last say on bills presented to him from our congress or the house and has veto power he is not the one who holds the last say in this country. I am sure that Obama was a well meaning politician prior to his election but now, he is nothing more than a puppet. Just as Bush was, and Clinton, our presidents are being swayed by groups more powerful than governments and beyond the law worldwide. These people meet in secret and decide our fate. Groups such as the Builderberg, Skull & Bones, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR are the true hands controlling the puppets we elect. Matter of fact, most of the people elected into office have  been in one of these orgainzations. Obama was seen visiting the Builderberg group meeting this year. Obama’s first job out of college was for Henry Kissinger, a known CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Builderberg group member. The founders of this country would roll over in their graves if they were alive today, to see what is being done to our rights and how the constitution is completely ignored. Each of these groups has a hand in what happens in the years to come worldwide, not just in our own country. Discussions about the NAU or North American Union, which would completely destroy the borders between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, thus making us like a union as like the European Union. The U.S. constitution would be thus useless and we would all be vulnerable to government take over. If this interests you, please visit and find out for yourself.