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The author’s interpretation of Barack Obama’s first term in office, the corrupt congress and Senate and his choices in cabinet members.

In November 2008 Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Enamored by the charismatic Chicago Politician who promised there would be much needed change and carrying hope that this proud country would rise above the Bush Administration’s political intrigue, the World Trade disaster and the Iraq debacle, voters trudged to the polls to cast their vote for the messiah who they believed would deliver them from the sins of the past. It is unclear as to what voters believed the change would encompass or if, for that fact, they truly understood what that change would be.   What is clear, however, is they chose to elect an inexperienced politician who, some believe, did nothing to benefit his hometown of Chicago over a candidate with experience in foreign policy, served successful terms as Arizona Senator and a Vietnam Veteran with first-hand experience in the devastating consequences war can bestow upon a nation.  A man who has served his country in many ways not expecting accolades or praise.  There is no point, however in lamenting over what might have been, could have been or should have been.  We are dealing with the present administration led by a man who rose to the position of President of the United States.  Therefore, I will focus on some of Barak Obama’s campaign promises of concern to me as well as his asserting power over the public and private sector.  I do not expect readers to agree nor disagree but to simply read this article with an open mind.  Below is a brief synopsis of my concerns and followed by my opinions on some of Mr. Obama’s promises, some kept and some broken.

First, let me say I am scared.  This administration has presented all the earmarks of a Socialist Regime.  According to various definitions, the term Socialism describes is an economic system in which the government is in control of the economy.  Even Cabinet Members have been bestowed the title of “CZAR”, an unquestionable Socialistic term.

This leads me to a few issues concerning a few of these “Czars.”   Mr. Obama had potential cabinet member answer a questionnaire consisting of 63 questions.  I assume this was to 1) clear the individual for nomination to a post and 2) avoid any embarrassment to the President.  However, Timothy Geithner failed to pay taxes on social security and Medicare between 2001 and 2004 and employed a nanny for his children who was working on an expired green card for 3 months.  Yet his is now our Secretary of Treasury.  He passed the test.

Kathleen Sibelius was forced to correct 3 years of tax returns to the tune of $7000.00.

Additionally, she is a believer in abortion and was asked by the Archbishop of her state to discontinue receiving communion until she reverses her belief.  Here we now have Our Czar of Health and Human Services.

Last but not least we have Hilda Solis whose husband was forced to pay $6,400.00 to settle liens against his business spanning 15 years.  She holds the esteems position of Secretary of Labor.

What a wonderful bunch of ethical people we have looking out for our health welfare. I chose not to delve deeper into the presidential staff; I assume the reader can create their own picture; the majority of the American people are savvy enough to draw their own intelligent conclusions.

Not only is Mr. Obama’s choice of aides questionable, I have a problem with his and Mrs. Obama’s loyalty to the United States.   Both have criticized this wonderful country, the very country that gave them the opportunity to be where they are today.  How dare Mr. Obama credit the Muslim religion with influencing our culture?  These are the very people we have helped in the past and the same people who have threatened our safety.

How dare Mrs. Obama express shame toward the United States.  Readers who question my opinion are free to view appearances and speeches taped; they are free to view on the web.    

Slowly but surely we are seeing our government seizing more and more power leaving less decision-making to the private sector.  The auto industry bailouts are a classic example.  To quote  a March 1999 article posted on the CNS News website “President Barack Obama asserted unprecedented government control over the auto industry Monday, bluntly rejecting turnaround plans by General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC, demanding fresh concessions for long-term federal aid and raising the possibility of quick bankruptcy for either ailing auto giant.”  It is evident the government will have primary say in any decisions rendering Chrysler and GM mere peons in the industry, if they are lucky to survive.

Mr. Obama’s stimulus package seems to be another thorn in the sides of many Americans especially the baby boomers and senior groups.  The debt incurred as a result of the stimulus coupled with the bailout money doled out to anyone who had their hand out will take years to eliminate.  According to Mr. Obama, the stimulus was meant to aid businesses and creates more jobs for the American people instead it has created a deficit in such proportion it will take decades to recoup the money spent.  In a nutshell, many small businesses have closed their doors leaving thousands of Americans unemployed.  In fact, the unemployment rate is the highest it has been in several decades. When reporting the unemployment numbers, the Obama administration fails to include those that have 1) extinguished their benefits and are still unemployed 2) people that have just given up their job search.  Therefore, the numbers reported encompass the newly unemployed alone.    Let’s not forget the banks, as well as Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac who received bailout money who promptly gave their top executives exorbitant bonuses.  In addition to this, Mr. Obama requested a bill to regulate interest rates which he made known early in 2009.  This presented the Banks and credit card companies the opportunity to raise interest rates, increase minimum payments on credit card balances and lower the credit the consumer had on the card, which they did.  Additionally, banks have made it more difficult for consumers to get much need credit.   Last but not least, let us not overlook ACORN, one of the most corrupt organizations in America and which boasts their affiliation with Mr. Obama. The government has been supporting ACORN for a number of years.  While the Government has threatened to stop aid to Acorn after fraudulent activity was exposed, it is not known whether this has come to pass.

Another problem is the closing of Guantanamo Bay Prison.  Just where Mr. Obama plans to send the detainees is anybody’s guess.  The problem I have is the fact the motives of the incarcerated terrorists was to kill Americans.  Yet Obama feels they are not being treated justly and humanely.  Has he forgotten the murder and torture of American soldiers and the publicized beheading of Americans?  These people care nothing about how they torture Americans, but our illustrious congress says we need to treat them in a humane fashion.  This is a blatant slap in the face to all our soldiers who are fighting for our freedom.

So, just what did Barack Obama promise and how many of those promises did he keep, break or just forgotten?  While there are over 500 promises made, what are mentioned here are merely drops in the bucket.  Obama is to be commended for the following kept promises:

·         Increasing penalties for individuals who commit mortgage fraud.  This applies to both, the lender and applicant. 

·         Sending additional troops to Afghanistan

·         Remove combat troops from Iraq; although I don’t agree with this decision at the present time, he has begun to dispatch troops back to the United States

·         Initiating job placement to help veterans gain skills to meet today’s workforce challenges

·         Regulating controlled burning in an effort to reduce wildfires as well and the implementation of a wildfire management plan.

·         Investing in alternative energy sources and requiring states to implement incentives to reduce energy consumption

Unfortunately, most of the promises that fall into the above category are not of primary interest to the American people nor are some of the promises not kept.  However, the ones of interest and the broken promises that enrage Americans are the following:

  • Taxes for seniors whose income is less than $50,000 were to be ended
  • The public was to be afforded the opportunity to review any non-emergency bill prior to a bill passing trough congress. 
  • Individuals who wish to withdraw funds from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009 were not be penalized
  • Health care reform negotiations were to be publicized on C-span instead these negotiations were held behind closed doors not to mention the briber that took place so the healthcare bill would pass through the senate.

For a complete list readers can review Obama’s campaign promises on

It is evident this administration has no regard for the Constitution whose primary concern was to allow the American people to be a “part of the Government” not mere pawns of an Administration.  Obama is leading a corrupt and dysfunctional Senate and Congress whose interests lie solely in their own agendas.  They have no interest whatsoever in the welfare of the people they were elected to serve.  Take, for example social security.  When social security was initiated, it was not to be taxed.  Not only is it still being taxed, but there will be no increases for at least two years.  Many seniors live on this miniscule income and now they will not receive the increase they deserve. 

When Mr. Obama promised change, just what exactly did he mean?  Maybe it’s time Mr. Obama be held accountable for his actions.  It is high time he and his administration stop blaming President Bush for their downfall.  The 2010 elections will be the perfect time to let the Democrats know we are tired of hidden agendas, higher taxes and lies.  The American People need to let them know we want our country back.  We want it the way our forefathers meant it to be: A Nation of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The people will make their own decisions.