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Users of Bukisa will soon have to update their accounts to allow Google AdSense integration. The 3.22 pay index and affiliates model is being phased-out for good in favor of 60/40 AdSense Revenue Sharing.

Increased Earnings Potential with Google AdSense on Bukisa

Bukisa is a site that writers have been able to submit their original content (and their original but previously-published-by-them content) for earnings.

Bukisa wasknown for paying one of the highest flat rates in the industry, 3.22 per 1000. This is for all content that is accepted onto Bukisa.

Other sites can and do pay more. I have articles on another site that is paying as much as $7.50 and more per 1000 views while concurrently paying other articles as little as a few pennies per 1000 views so, it averaged out quite a bit lower.

The Bukisa flat-rate index averages more favorable to the long-term bottom line if you are good at article marketing and can get the views.

This pay structure is about to change and quite possibly for the better.

Bukisa and AdSense Integration

By eliminating their standard pay index of 3.22 and affiliate program in favor of integrating with AdSense, the article is monetized solely by the AdSense ads and not eCPM views. You the author will get to keep 60% of the generated earnings while Bukisa retains a modest 40%.

From the Bukisa email comes these facts:

  • You have 30 days to update your AdSense account in your settings (you can do that here). Those who do not add their Google AdSense account during the next 30 days will continue to earn according to the Bukisa Index of 3.22, but will not earn anything from their content following the finalization of the transition. (After Jan 13th 2011)
  • Users that don’t have a Google AdSense account will be able to sign-up for one via our new system.
  • At the end of 30 days (”transition period”), all accumulated earnings in your accounts will be paid out entirely, so long as it meets the minimum payout amount of $0.50 (PayPal minimum transfer amount)
  • We are making this transition so that you can manage your own AdSense and the earnings from it, taking more of the content publishing reins in your hands.
  • The earnings you receive from your content on Bukisa will have no effect on the earnings of content elsewhere associated with your Google AdSense account.
  • If you have any further questions about the new integration of your own Google AdSense code on Bukisa, please see our F.A.Q. page.
  • The Bukisa Network referral system will be discontinued during this transition, as Google AdSense’s revenue share program does not support this.

AdSense integration with Bukisa-hosted artciles will probably be a good thing in the long run. While I might think to lament the loss of earnings my affiliate group creates for me (my affiliate earnings currently comprise about 75% of my monthly Bukisa payout) I do feel that this integration with Google AdSense will be mutually beneficial for both Bukisa and for the writers.

Given Bukisa mandate of quality content consisting of a minimum of around 200-250+ words, marriage to Google AdSense will be improve the quality of the articles and icnrease revenue for the writers. All in all, a more perfect union.

Google AdSense Integration with Bukisa: Not an Option but a Fact

This impending AdSense integration is not up for debate folks. If you do not integrate with AdSense you will be getting paid nothing after the deadline Jan 13th, 2011. The previous pay-index structure and Bukisa affiliate program will be permanently phased-out after this date.

AdSense and for even more AdSense Earnings!

And just for good measure, also publishes your original (and accepts your original & previously published content) for AdSense revenue sharing, and THEY give you the writer a whopping 80% of the total AdSense earnings! One would need to be a fool of elephantine proportions to not be interested in either of these fantastic residual offers for your original text-based content.

So get your Google AdSense accounts integrated with Bukisa a.s.a.p. to be ready for this mandatory transition.

If you do not have an AdSense account, now is the time to apply. You can do so from the email from Bukisa. Integration is fast & easy. I did this and was done in under a few minutes.