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There are possibilities of war.

China preparing for a war against India and U.S.!

 Is that true ?  Is China is preparing for a war against India or U.S.?
Well the answer of this question is still a mystery.But many believes it true.

First starts with India vs China. This is true by the evidences that China is preparing for a war with India.Their military movements along borders of India.A secret military exercise, called ‘Divine Matrix’, by the Indian troops visualized a war scenario with China.Recently there was a news published that Chinese troops had entered into the Indian border area up to 1.5 km and painted the stones red.When asked by Indian Govt. they had said”No comments”.Also a helicopter had found illegally entering into Indian border. They had also increased there railway system along border areas of India.Which also means that they can transport many troops and tanks along the border of India in a few Hours while reaching such areas by Indian army is still far beyond .Isn’t it all alarming? or still India need enough of evidences.

Now for U.S. Its still a great mystery but there are some facts.The Chinese central bank holds foreign currency reserves that have reached $819 billion, a foreign currency reserve second only to Japan and expected to exceed that nation’s reserves this year. China has invested about three-quarters of this reserve in U.S. Treasury bills and other dollar-dominated assets. China’s purchase of Treasury bills, in additions to similar purchasing by Japan and other nations is responsible for much of the value of the U.S. dollar, and China uses the purchases to keep its own currency — the yuan — undervalued, thus maintaining a balance of trade that vastly favors cheap Chinese manufacturing goods. This also has the effect of holding U.S. interest rates at low levels, besides keeping the dollar at a high value worldwide. Chinese currency reserves are growing at an average rate of $15 billion each month.Secondly Whether China will ultimately embark on such a risky venture is, obviously, to be seen. However, the recent developments in relation to China, Russia, and the Middle East, and the increasingly evident crisis regarding peak oil, all combine to suggest that the possibility of a Chinese invasion of Russian territory looks more plausible with each passing day.
 Thus in any case if there is a war then whole of the world would suffer and the results of these battles would be far beyond our imaginations .So better pray that it might not happen in future.

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